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THE STEELY DAN SESSIONS: INTERPRETATIONS OF                                                UNREALIZED CLASSICS

While Anthony Robustelli's live shows have always included innovative takes on countless covers songs alongside his originals, he had only recorded one cover song, Elvis Costello's "Watching the Detectives," until now.  After releasing his book, The Steely Dan FAQ: All That's Left To Know About This Elusive Band, he decided that a musical companion was in order, so he set about doing just that. Over the years Walter Becker and Donald Fagen wrote dozens of songs that were never released. Available to fans only on bootlegs were tales of deception, lust, and  greed told only as the duo could, but these recordings were often lo-fi piano and vocal demos or unfinished band attempts at the material with skeletal arrangements. For The Steely Dan Sessions: Interpretations of Unrealized Classics Robustelli dusted off ten of these diamonds in the rough and produced an album that could share shelf space with the Dan's catalog of nine albums. He fleshed out new arrangements and for certain songs added musical interludes, and in one case an additional verse, where need be in order to finish compositions that hadn't been touched in decades. Robustelli's original music has often been compared to the band that greatly influenced him as a songwriter, musician, and producer, so Becker and Fagen's unrealized classics are definitely in good hands.


Anthony Robustelli's Another Fatal Blow may be the artist's most accessible and unadorned work to date, and that's a good thing. Known for his proclivity for rock and soul with distinctly jazz underpinnings, fans may be pleasantly surprised by Robustelli's newest release which plainly showcases his R&B, soul and classic rock 'n roll abilities. On Another Fatal Blow Anthony Robustelli delivers head-bobbin' hooks, superb melodies, masterful musicianship and outstanding vocal performances track after track. While on songs like "So Far Removed" and "Anxiety's Confession" Robustelli displays a smart, refreshing and wholly modern take on the classic '70s pop soul genre, hard hitting tunes like "Another Rant," "Your Other Plan" and the lounge-y "Obscene Alibis" prove that Another Fatal Blow is uniquely his own. With Another Fatal Blow Anthony Robustelli delivers a fluid, high energy and utterly enveloping disc.


On Grown Tired Of The Con Anthony Robustelli demonstrates that he is an artist of incomparable talent and vision. Grown Tired Of The Con harnesses a feel and energy that takes the listener straight to the live performance. Making optimal use of his penchant for cutting lyrics and quiet controversy, Anthony Robustelli has again proven himself an artist with the uncommon ability to deftly weave musical genres ranging from the grittiest rock & roll to the most heady jazz to the most soulful R&B. On Grown Tired Of The Con Anthony clearly displays the full range of his vast musical and vocal talents. Indeed, he draws on of his signature Rhodes and organ abilities and throws in a good measure of clavinet and mellotron for a rich, dynamic sound. On this record, he also tackles guitar and percussion parts with impressive results. And, his fearless vocal delivery on songs such as the high-spirited “Your Kind” and the dark and lilting “Feel the Fall” demonstrate a welcome range and complexity as pop music again trends toward artistry and away from slick studio-concocted singers. If Grown Tired Of The Con is a sign of things to come, this artist is one to watch.


With Comfort is so Rare Anthony Robustelli creates an intelligent amalgamation of hearty musical genres which include soul, R&B, rock, funk and hip hop -- all deftly perched atop a strong foundation of jazz. While musical influences such as Steely Dan and Earth, Wind and Fire are subtly apparent throughout, the instrumentation, arrangement and complexity of this record go far beyond a punchy horn section and funky bass line. With this effort Anthony Robustelli succeeds where contemporaries such as Jamiroquai and D'Angelo fall short. Comfort is so Rare is an extraordinary blend of head-bobbing, soulful tunes and thought provoking, oftentimes biting, lyrics that paint shades of Elvis Costello. From the smooth, melodic flow of "After This Night" to the driving bass and swift movement of "Queen of the Screen" to the deep house groove of "Step Inside" Comfort  is so Rare is exceptional indeed.


Travels of a Lost Soul - A Suite in Six Parts masterfully written and arranged by Anthony Robustelli reveals a strength and artistry witnessed far too sparingly in today's traditional jazz offerings. Travels takes the listener on a journey through the evolution of young love and allows him to explore each moment from the "Initial Attraction" to "The Realization of Divine Perfection" through this fluid composition that evokes ardent emotion with neither pretense nor overt musical overtures. With Travels of a Lost Soul, Anthony Robustelli has created a work that deftly captures the essence of the jazz masters. And, with help of six talented and accomplished musicians, he serves up a spirited collection of seamlessly interwoven songs that once experienced, are not easily forgotten.


Brother HijinX is the collaboration of Anthony and Brooklyn Guitarist/Songwriter/Producer John Cabán. After an experimental recording weekend at Anthony’s Catskill Mountains studio, Shady Bear North, the duo went on to create two distinctive albums, Welcome to PLANET JABR and the eponymous Brother HijinX. They serve up songs with a healthy dose of deep rump shakin' improvisation, rhythmic grooves, clever songwriting and striking production that always pleases while perking up the listener’s ear.  Their recordings and live shows always engage music lovers with their heady blend of psychedelic rock, funk, drum & bass, blues and dub, laced with inventive samples and atmospheric sonic dissonance to create their distinctive “Atmo-Dub-Funk”© sound.

welcome to... PLANETJABR

welcome to... is an instrumental album featuring Anthony, Brother HijinX guitarist John Cabán, bassist Bill Foster and drummer Ray Levier.  welcome to... uses live instrumentation along with loops, samples and sonic manipulation to create an atmospheric melange that stands up to countless repeated plays. There is always more to be discovered within the sonic stew that is PLANETJABR


With crisp, horn-infused rhythms, seamless melodic shifts and thoughtful, irreverent lyrics Devibe is a breath of much-needed fresh air in the all too stagnant world of modern R&B. Driving, funk derived tunes like "Positive Breakdown" and "Over You" hearken back to the artistry of such powerhouse bands as Rufus and Steely Dan all the while retaining a freshness that clearly places Devibe above the fray of adolescent funk retreads that have historically beset the live music scene from which this band emerged. From the haunting lilt of "Blissful Me" to the straightforward dolor of "Tortured Kind," Devibe, under the artful stewardship of Anthony Robustelli and longtime collaborater Peter Williamson, consistently delivers with punch and precision.




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