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Besides The ARB, Anthony has a number of other projects that he is involved in. Check them out below!

Shady Bear Productions, under the leadership of Founder and Creative Director Anthony Robustelli, is a multi-faceted commercial recording studio based in Brooklyn, NY with additional recording facilities in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. We like to think of ourselves as the studio with a vintage vibe andthoroughly modern results. The heart of the studio is a '70s MCI JH-636 console with John Hardy preamps and an MCI JH -24 24 track 2 inch machine. At Shady Bear we think outside of the box and we mix outside of the box. Once you hear your music spread across 24 glorious analog channels you'll never be satisfied with mixing in the computer. Besides working with solo artists, singer songwriters and bands, Shady Bear also counts a number of high-profile commercial clients on its roster including H & M, Head & Shoulders, 1-800 Flowers, & Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Known for their "non-jingle jingle" Shady Bear Productions continues to be in demand for those clients seeking a more edgy tone and feel. If you are looking for a Brooklyn recording studio, look no further. At Shady Bear we can do everything in house, from songwriting to full production and everything in between.


With I Want to Tell You, Anthony Robustelli takes the reader on an incredible journey behind the scenes of some of the world's most iconic music by truly the world's most iconic group, The Beatles. In his in depth,  song-by-song analysis, told as only a musician and die-hard fan can, Robustelli peels back the layers of The Beatles' recordings to tell a compelling story of how their music came to be and why it was destined to turn the pop and rock 'n roll music scene on its ear-- not just for the time, but forever.


It all started when one cosmic night…

After a serious bout of rocking' and a rollin', one incredibly dedicated Black Crowes fan said to another incredibly dedicated Black Crowes fan, "So I was thinking about starting up a Black Crowes Tribute Band… what do you think?  You interested?" It may have been fate, it may have been destiny, perhaps it was a message from the cosmos… either way, it was certainly a great idea! At that moment, the idea burned up in a "cloud of smoke"… then those 2 dedicated fans transformed into brothers of a feather and found... The Remedy.  



Brother HijinX is the collaboration of Anthony and Brooklyn Guitarist/Songwriter/Producer John Cabán. After an experimental recording weekend at Anthony’s Catskill Mountain studio, Shady Bear North, the duo went on to create two distinctive albums, Welcome to PLANET JABR and the eponymous Brother HijinX. They serve up songs with a healthy dose of deep rump shakin' improvisation, rhythmic grooves, clever songwriting and striking production that always pleases while perking up the listener’s ear. Their recordings and live shows always engage music lovers with their heady blend of psychedelic rock, funk, drum & bass, blues and dub, laced with inventive samples and atmospheric sonic dissonance to create their distinctive “Atmo-Dub-Funk”© sound.


The So-Called President is a 3D animated political pop-rock-hip hop musical series written and animated by Anthony Robustelli that provides a new perspective on leadership, activism, and America's place in the world. Through music, adept storytelling, and realistic animation, The So-Called President pulls straight from the headlines to unflinchingly explore the first year of the current administration. The So-Called President is poised to do for modern-day American politics what Hamilton did for the birth of the nation.



Despite Steely Dan's popularity, its ability to cultivate an ever-growing base of avid and loyal fans, and its chart positions, relatively little has been written about the group. Steely Dan FAQ clears up some of the many misconceptions about the band and sheds new light on the genius behind the songwriting of Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, the perfection of their productions, and the myriad musicians who have played a role in creating the distinctive Steely Dan sound. Steely Dan FAQ takes us through five decades of cryptic lyrics, sophisticated music, elusive interviews, dramatic interludes, and misconstrued sentiments. The band has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and has had the majority of its albums certified platinum or double platinum in the U.S., yet the story has not been fully told. Within these pages readers will gain insight into the influences, musicians, situations, and complications that created one of the most distinctive bands in the history of rock and roll.


I’ll be playing stripped down, deconstructed mixes of classic Beatles songs, solo tracks, live cuts, and much more highlighting different instruments and vocals in a way that will truly amaze you. Imagine sitting in the control room at EMI studios and having the opportunity to peel away the layers of a song, discovering new elements that you never knew existed. This is the closest you can get to that experience so sit back, tune in and enjoy The Beatles Multi Track Meltdown on Podbean and ITunes and internet radio stations Beatles-A-Rama and Fab4Radio,

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